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The Best Makeup Trends You’ll Be Trying In 2023
The final months of each year tend to call for a time of reflection and curiosity for change. The altering colors of the leaves and cool breezes brought on by Autumn remind us that change is quite literally in the air, inspiring many to think about their own thoughts of evolving. As many begin to ponder what they'd like to bring into the new year, physical change is among the more prominent of thoughts — from hair color to fashion, there's a shared inspiration to spruce up one's look. Luckily for those who follow makeup trends, fall brings in an abundance of inspiration.
As fashion month draws to a close for major cities such as London, New York, Milan, and Paris, many get a glimpse and first peek into what major makeup artists will strive to showcase for the upcoming 2023 season. Below, we'll be taking a look at what trending looks you can expect to see in 2023.
Minimal Makeup
Several models featured in this latest runway season walked with near-barefaced skin. As the movement to embrace your natural beauty continues to grow, high fashion designers such as Altuzarra and Missoni highlighted the natural beauty of their models' faces with little. With a focus on subtle tinted blush, a classic rosy complexion will complete nearly any look one attempts to achieve. To achieve this look, makeup artists at Altuzarra use Merit Beauty's The Minimalist complexion stick. This light-to-medium coverage perfects the look of "no makeup" makeup that many strive for.… [More]
This newly-coined phrase promotes a minimalistic approach to the beauty products we choose to consume. With a focus on sustainability in packaging and promoting all-in-one products, "skinimalism" has been predicted to become a 2023 trend since 2021, according to world-leading consumer trend forecaster WGSN. The prediction results yield that in 2023, consumers will more than likely reject the idea of a multi-step skin and makeup regimen and instead opt for more simple-step products, with a conscious awareness of what's best for both the environment and for the consumer's wallets. Leading brands of this forward-thinking trend include Skin + Me, Alpha-H, Lyma, and U Beauty.… [More]
Bleached Brows
This controversial but popular trend is here to stay for 2023, as indicated by this past season's fashion month. Well-known names who walk hand-in-hand with fashion have been seen with this look throughout this year. Names such as Kendall Jenner, Julia Fox, Lizzo, Bella and Gigi Hadid, and more have proven that bleached brows can be rocked with confidence and attention to the eyes. "In this world where we are trying to crawl out of the pandemic, people want to experiment with their looks and reinvent themselves with something fresh and new," … [More]
Metallic Eyelids
As Y2K grunge and rave trends continue to make their rounds back into popularity, 2023 will likely be seeing lots of metallic. Several brands have had their models rock metallic lids on this past season's runaway, including fashion-forward power brand Chloe. Nick Lujan shared how to create that perfect edgy look.… [More]
Dewy, soft glaze face
The intended look for this trend is to get one's skin glowing in a subtle way akin to freshly-washed, deeply hydrated skin. This look can be achieved by applying a small amount of highlight on your temple instead of the cheekbone. This way, the natural light will reflect and capture your face at a particular angle that brings attention to the upper portion of your face.… [More]
Red lips
Who doesn't love a striking red lip? Bold red lips will always remain a classic staple in attaining that timeless look that works on practically everyone. Captivating and bold, red — whether deep or bright — is a trusted go-to color for really any skin tone or shade. In 2023, expect to see more reds and corals with a soft gloss over to complete the look. According to The Zoe Report, cherry red seems to be the shade many will don on their pouts for the upcoming season.… [More]
Bold Blue
Gone are the days of laughing at your mother's — or grandmother's — baby blue eyeshadow from the '80s. Blue was all in the spotlight during this latest season's fashion month. From mascara to eyeshadow, trend experts expect an uptick in consumers favoring the bold color of blue. "Blues can be intimidating; I would suggest starting with blue mascara for a subtle step into color," Nick Lujan shared with Ipsy. "If you are comfortable in blue mascara, you will be comfy with blue eyeliner in the waterline.… [More]
Tinted sunscreen
In alignment with the "skinimalism" movement, expect to see many favoring two-in-one products such as tinted sunscreen. "I think for everyday makeup, spot concealing paired with a tinted sunscreen will be the 2023 trend, and then a medium coverage foundation that still looks like skin for going out," professional makeup artist Natalie Dresser shares with the New York Post.… [More]
Creamy concealer in place of spot corrector
In 2023 expect to see fewer dry and dull spot correctors as more will use creamy concealers. "I think something that isn't so drying will definitely be the focus point of 2023," professional makeup artist Natalie Dresher predicts, per the New York Post. Dresser, who's skilled at bridal makeup, further shared her preferred concealer. "I love the Tarte Shape Tape Ultra Creamy Concealer," she states.… [More]
Grunge makeup
With '90s trends coming back in full swing, many have already seen a favor to the grunge makeup look of the revered late '90s/early 2000s. Grunge was all the talk during this past fashion week in New York. "The beauty of this '90s look is that it's meant to be undone, meaning smudgy, smeared, looks-like-you've-been-at-a-rave-all-night makeup that looks better the more imperfect it is," Maria Del Russo of The Zoe Report shared. Del Russo added that even makeup newbies will be able to pull off coveted runway looks.… [More]
Brushed-up gelled brows
You can expect to see more of this trend in 2023, as brows are at the forefront of facial features. "Less is more — gone are the days of the pomade brows … Brushed-up, gel-ed eyebrows are definitely stealing the show," stated professional makeup artist Natalie Drescher to the New York Post. The brushed-up gelled brow trend is an excellent addition to anyone's makeup routine, as it can be successfully achieved on any kind of brows, no matter the arch or thick/thinness of the hair. For those blessed with thicker brows, it's a great way to tame the hair to achieve a slick and smooth look while still drawing attention to the fullness of the brows. The gel also keeps the brows in place, so the end result is a highly polished and neat look.… [More]
Super curled eyelashes
Full volume eyelashes have nearly always been in style, so you can absolutely expect to see more of this in 2023. "Really curled chunky lashes are going to be the go-to," professional makeup artist Natalie Dresher predicts to the New York Post. She goes on to add her favorite product as a recommendation. "I absolutely love the Shisheido Eyelash Curler paired with L'Oreal Paris Lash Paradise Mascara; they will give you the perfect curled chunky lash." … [More]