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10 Skincare Trends We Expect To See In 2023 – Health & Beauty
by Charlie Colville
We’re expecting to see a big shift in the way we see skincare in 2023, with a preference for products and treatments that do more, last longer and leave us feeling healthier. From strength-building ingredients to holistic wellness, these are the skincare trends to get on board with:
Multi-Use Products
This year, people have been looking for products that go above and beyond (and take up less space on their bathroom shelf). ‘During the pandemic, many skincare products became very targeted and specific as consumers looked to heal skin concerns like ‘maskne’ or dry skin from staying at home in low-humidity environments,’ explains Ada Ooi, TCM practitioner and the founder of 001 Skincare.… [More]
Eastern Medicine
With the popularity of holistic wellness hitting new heights in 2022, expect to see this trend continue to thrive into the new year – but this time through a more global lens. ‘With more people adopting a holistic approach to wellness, the rise of interest in traditional Chinese medicine and ancient practices has increased, with many people looking to herbs and plant extracts to treat their skin concerns,’ says Ada. ‘Not only do these ingredients work on an external level, but they aim to treat the skin on a cellular level, as well as helping to de-stress and calm the mind.… [More]
Blue Tansy
‘The new skincare buzzword to have on your radar next year is Blue Tansy,’ says Dina El Adlani, psychologist and founder of ESPÉRER SKIN CARE. ‘Derived from the rare Moroccan flower of the same name, Blue Tansy is a superhero ingredient to watch out for in 2023. This essential oil has inflammatory, calming properties and has even been used by oncologists to treat patients suffering from skin burns and irritation after radiation treatments… [More]
Skin Barrier Health
We’ll also be looking for new ways to achieve a healthy glow, starting with our skin barrier. ‘The health of your skin barrier is the main component that determines how healthy your skin looks,’ says Dina. ‘A healthy moisture barrier retains water better, keeping your skin hydrated, smooth, and improving elasticity. It also helps your skin to fend off environmental aggressors, like pollution, and be less prone to sensitivity and irritation.… [More]
Another ingredient forecasted to make it big in 2023 is peptides, according to Alice Henshaw, founder of Harley Street Injectables and Skincycles. ‘Loved by the likes of celebrities such as Hailey Bieber, peptides will be the skincare ingredient given a platform in 2023 – and rightly so,’ says Alice. ‘Chosen for their ability to strengthen and rebuild damaged skin, peptides are made from chains of amino acids and function like building blocks, signalling to the skin to perform functions like collagen formation and wound healing. This means that they help to correct fine lines, dullness, redness and discolouration, making them great all-rounder skincare ingredients.… [More]
We’ll want to see our skincare go a lot further in 2023 and, to do that, many of us will go straight to the source of an issue. Enter: skinboosters. These injectable treatments are designed to deliver deep hydration. As multi-award winning cosmetic injector and founder of Mediject, Dr Sheila Nguyen, explains: ‘I’ve seen a big rise in popularity for skinboosters like Profhilo and Sunekos, which can stimulate collagen, enhance the skin and smooth fine lines. This is a hyaluronic acid injectable (think injectable moisturiser) that will deeply hydrate. This means great skin hydration and dewy, glowing skin. As Sunekos can be used to treat the eyes, not only will it treat fine wrinkles and crepiness, it will also help brighten dark circles.’